What To Expect

We look forward to meeting you and conducting your sleep study. Please review the following list in order to best prepare for your overnight stay with us.

icon2Download, print and complete ourĀ patient information packet and medical history forms. Be sure to read and understand it prior to heading to the sleep center.

icon1Follow your doctors’ instructions regarding the use of your medications. Bring any medications you will need for the night or following morning.

icon3Bring all insurance cards, photo ID, and co-payment if needed. Unless previously agreed upon, payment is expected in full upon arrival at the sleep center.

icon4Eat a light dinner prior to your study and try not to drink too much. This will help to avoid full bladders and empty stomachs – common causes of sleep disruption.

icon5Avoid caffeine and alcohol after 4 pm on the day of your study. Stimulants and alcohol can adversely affect both the quality of your sleep and your ability to fall asleep.

showerBathe and make sure that your hair is dry, clean, and free from all oils, gels, or sprays. Clean hair and skin makes for easier hook-ups and better data for the interpreting clinicians.

shaveMen should shave: critical electrodes on the chin are attached with adhesive tape and even slight stubble can make this very difficult.

moisturizersDo not use moisturizers or lotions of any kind, unless explicitly directly by your physician. Again, it is all about getting tape to stick to your skin. If lotions are used, it could mean the technician will have to wake you to re-apply the electrodes repeatedly throughout the night. (And we hate to have to wake you!)

icon6Bring comfortable sleeping attire (cotton pajamas or tee-shirt and shorts along with a robe for comfort). Avoid synthetic materials and silk.

icon7Bring toiletries and slippers. You may also bring other items that would make you more comfortable, such as a favorite pillow or blanket.

icon9If you have a cold or other illness, the study may have to be re-scheduled. Please call us. Also, if you have an infectious condition (respiratory or blood-born), our staff must be notified at 512.452.3806 as soon as possible.

Thank you! We look forward to hosting you soon!

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