Home Sleep Testing with REM Sleep

Received your Home Sleep Test device from REM Sleep but not sure what to do? Click on the video below to view specific instructions.

What is a Home Sleep Test?
If your physician prescribes a Home Sleep Test (HST), REM Sleep will provide you with a portable respiratory sleep recorder and instructions on how to use the device to record your sleep data. We ask that you complete and return your home test within 48 hours of receiving the monitor so that we can download the data and report it to your physician in a timely manner.

Please read and follow the instructions for the home sleep test very carefully so that we collect the best information possible.

What are the advantages of a Home Sleep Test?
REM Sleep offers both Home (HST) and In-Lab (staying overnight at one of our facilities) sleep testing. Your doctor (and your insurance coverage) will determine which test is the most appropriate for you.

Home sleep testing has several advantages:

  • Peace of mind – you can enjoy the comfort of sleeping in your own bed
  • Lower healthcare costs – HSTs are less expensive to conduct and that savings is passed onto you through your insurance
  • Scheduling flexibility – you pick the night you want to perform the test
  • Quicker results – by conducting your home test within 48 hours, we can deliver your results to your physician very quickly, which means you can start your treatment plan sooner

What home sleep test monitor does REM Sleep use?
REM Sleep uses the Resmed ApneaLink Air sleep monitor.  Home set-up is easy and the device is comfortable to wear. We will show you how to use the monitor so that you can easily and accurately collect your sleep data in the comfort of your home for two nights. Then, just bring the equipment back to one of our offices so we can download the data and have your results interpreted by one of our accredited sleep medicine physicians.


Please contact us at 512-452-0004 during normal business hours (9am-5pm) if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you to ensure that your home sleep test goes as smoothly as possible.

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